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Crossfit Exercise

​There are 5 areas we focus on

Each section has actionable steps to make it easy to implement the methods required to help you grow. You will be held accountable by me to make sure you are using the methods provided that will help your well-being.


SO if you’re the type of person who tends to always seek new information but only actually puts a small percentage of that information into action, the set-up of the programme is going to be a significant change for how you look, think, feel and the level of results you can achieve.


AND if that is not enough, you’ll have a 1-1 call with me EVERY 14 DAYS.


This will give you a huge amount of support, clarity and accountability.


None of the coaching will be group based. I do not believe group coaching can be personalised effectively so it is not something I offer.

 I want to provide a level of service to you that will significantly impact your body and mind.

​On our calls we:

  • Review the training and nutrition and make changes if needed.

  • Set a clear plan for the next 14 days that will be emailed to you.

  • Review any questions you have about the topics/methods.

  • How to take control and develop a positive mindset. 

That means you’ll know exactly what you need to be doing removing any confusion, doubt or overwhelm.

Be Fit and Beyond Be Fit and Beyond