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How It Works

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Why would you listen to me?

Fitness came into my life when I was battling depression. It became a foundation
for me fighting my mental health issues in the search of feeling myself again.
Where there was once no hope, there is now endless possibility. My journey has
given me the absolute certainty that we all have the strength to overcome our
internal battles and come out the other end stronger than ever.

I have spent the 4 last years building and nurturing my body, mind and emotions to
overcome my battle with depression and have found a balance in life that makes me stronger no matter what life throws at me.

We all understand that to transform ourselves or the way we look, we have to train and eat healthily to achieve the body we desire. However, we also need to remember that this also applies to our emotional and mental health.

We have to be consistent in training and working at enhancing the way we think
and the way we feel about ourselves. Our mind is just like a muscle, we have to

work hard at improving it by pushing through the resistance.

Where is the value in transforming our bodies but still having a negative view of ourselves?

I would have only dreamt of turning my life around when I was depressed. What was once a dream is now reality in becoming truly happy within myself. It's my true purpose to share my insight from what I have learnt, experienced and lived by to help you transform the way you look, think and feel about yourself.

"The becoming is better than being"

Who I work with


Firstly, I don’t work with everyone. If you apply to work with me and I do not feel I am the best person to help with your goals, I will let you know right away.


Those who are willing to put in the work. If you think that magical results are going to happen upon signing up, you are not who I am looking for. I will give you all the tools to help transform your body and to enhance your mind, but you need to be willing to put in the work and take action. It won’t always be easy but the results and the impact it will have on your well-being will make it more than worth it.

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Transforming your body and your mind needs to be minimum 9/10 importance. My greatest sense of fulfilment is making a significant impact on my client’s lives and getting results. In order for that to happen, your greatest priority needs to be to take you life to new levels. If you cannot honestly say this is at least 9/10  importance to you then please don’t apply.

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You are in a place to accept advice, guidance and help. If you think you already have the answers then I cannot help you. Please apply if you’re open minded and ready to learn and grow.

Be Fit and Beyond Be Fit and Beyond